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Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam

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    Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS) is a non-profit, member-driven organization founded in 2007.

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    Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS) is a community based organization formed in 2007 in the name of Salem

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    With the help of DIVA fund we published the calender with the images and names of those who achieved as a

Welcome To

Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam

Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS) is a community based organization formed in 2007 in the name of Salem Aravanigal TAI Vizhudugal Trust (SATVT). It was re-registered as a society in 2012 as Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam. The CBO had been carrying out the activities with the support from Tamil Nadu AIDS Initiatives- Voluntary Health Services (TAI-VHS), Chennai, Individual donors and local support groups in Salem district.
The Avahan India AIDS Initiative, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) focuses on HIV prevention among key population (female sex workers, men having sex with men, transgendered people and people who inject drugs) in Tamil nadu state. Over a decade (2002-2013) and two phases (Avahan I and Avahan II), the programme has achieved tremendous success in preventing and reversing the HIV infection trends. During its implementation through TAI-VHS, as a part of the sustainability of Avahan Phase I the programme was instrumental in forming and facilitating 23 Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) functioning as registered societies, where the communities implement programs for the benefit of the marginalized.

Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS) is one among the Community Based Organisations which works for the MSM (Men having sex with men) and TGs (Transgender). It also gets the financial support through TAI-VHS for Social Protection Program. The activities dwell under the social protection programme on the following broad arena:
• Organizational sustainability,
• Economic empowerment,
• Health empowerment,
• Social empowerment, Networking/linkages and Advocacy.

The project caters to Transgenders and MSMs addressing their multi-faceted needs strive for holistic empowerment and advocate for policy level changes. STNS working towards the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable population in the community and to provide quality services for their sexual health needs, lessen the overall incidents of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections), HIV/AIDS through focused holistic interventions through enabling environment and empowering the community to seek safe sexual behavior. The CBO has the members from 20 Blocks and the current membership strength is 2100. STNS comprise of nine executive members which includes five office bearers and six board members.

Our Board Members

No. Name Destination
1 P. Pooja President
2 K. Rathika Vice- President
3 A. Gopika, Secretary.
4 A. Saranya Joint Secretary
5 G. Rasika, Treasurer
6 V. priya Board Member
7 P. Sathya Board Member
8 M. Yasini Board Member
9 P. Shanmugam Board Member
10 J. Siva Suriyan Board Member
11 B. Babu Board Member

Letter From The President

Dear Friends,
It gives me pleasure to present the Annual Report – Re election on philanthropy for the period 2017-2018. Words cannot rightly express my true feelings of gratitude for all the kindness and benevolence you have bestowed on our institutions. Let me just attempt in put it in tow little words with all sincerity “Thank you”.
We began our journey since inception in 2007 and the journey continues till now. We thank our partners TAI-VHS, AVAHAN and PRAXIS for the support in prevention of HIV/AIDS among the underserved community.
We are so grateful for your generous support, because it makes the world a safer place. Your ongoing commitment to helping communities achieve their potential and beyond — means a more hopeful world for us all.
Thank you.
With warmest regards,
P. Pooja
Our Services


Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam organised the self –employment training programmes for Transgender community from March 16,2017 to March 23,2017 it was held in Jenny’s Educational and Charitable Trust, Salem – 16 . The training was provided by Jenny’s Educational and Charitable Trust for the Transgender community. This self-employment training was given to 25 members in the Transgender community.

The main aim of this programme is to improve the quality of life of the members in the Transgender community by creating a platform for self-employment. The purpose of this programme is to provide self-employment opportunities for the members in the Transgender community. The funding (Rs.1,50,000) for this self-employment training programme was provided by Department of Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu.

After learning the skills, with the help of this programme the members who participated in this training programme can able to get funding from the Government and Non-government organisations to start their own business and they will be helpful in teaching this self-employment skills to the other members in the Transgender community.

The self-employment training programme was given under following categories:
Training programme for beautician
Training programme for phenyl making
Training programme for masala powder making
Training programme for artificial ornaments making


Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam took an initiative in helping the HIV Positive members and STNS helped them in improving their quality of life by providing self –employment. The funding (Rs.2 Lakhs) for this self- employment was provided by Department of Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu.
By this funding Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam helped them in attaining self-employment and also STNS helped them in getting insurance.
By this Rs.2 lakhs funding STNS given Rs.20,000 for each members and also helped in getting insurance.
With the help of this funding for 2 members STNS provided 2 cows for each members.
With the help of this funding for 7 members STNS provided 4 goats for each members.

With the help of this funding STNS provided Rs.20,000 for one member to open their own fancy store.

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Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam took an initiative in helping two Transgender in getting the scholarship for their education. For this scholarship the funding (Rs. 62,500) was provided by Department of Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu. The main aim of this initiative by STNS is to overcome educational discrimination which is facing by the transgender community and helping the transgender community in getting the scholarships for their education. By this initiative the transgender community will be educated and the knowledge of the transgender community will be improved.




This programme was held on March 28, 2017 by Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam in Vijayaragavaachariyar hall, Salem – 8. The main purpose of this programme is to create awareness among the school and college students about LGBTQ community and creating a comfortable learning environment for the people in LGBTQ community in the schools and colleges through this awareness programme. The main aim of this programme is to eradicate and helping the LGBTQ community to overcome the educational discrimination. For this programme the funding ( Rs.50,000) was provided by Department of Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu.


Over the past decade, there has been growing recognition of the importance of social protection to respond to a range of challenges faced by developing countries, including food insecurity, chronic poverty and the HIV pandemic. Towards mitigating the impact of transgender life and eradicating poverty, STNS facilitated access to and uptake of social protection schemes for the members of TG community. During this year STNS has facilitated to access to social protection schemes.  440 transgender have obtained ration card and voter id.  44 TGs have availed old age pension scheme.  Among 82 special population identified, 46 were successfully registered for ART treatment at Govt. clinics.  Created corpus fund for development of STNS.  Membership subscription fees have been obtained from 1600 (Rs. 30 from each TGs) registered TGs.


Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam celebrated the Transgender day on April 15,2017. This day was lead by Ms. Pooja - President of STNS, Ms. Gopika – Secretary of STNS and MS. Rasiga – Treasurer of STNS. For this transgender day celebration we invited Asst. commissioner of police Mr. George Joseph as a chief guest. In this day he gave a special address for the transgender community and he advised the transgender community to destroy their inferiority complex and he said that to achieve in the personal life and to lead a great life in society the transgender to come forward to achieve in their life. The main aim and the purpose of celebration of this Transgender day is to dignify the transgender those who have achieved in their life in different sector and those who have achieved in the self-employment. STNS awarded these 20 transgender and the award was given by Asst. commissioner of police Mr. George Joseph.



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