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About us

Inspire moments of optimism and happiness.
Ensuring basic rights,welfareschemes,Economic measures, Social recognition isMainstreaming and political participation for the transgender and MSM community in salem district.
About STNS :
Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS) is a non-profit, member-driven organization founded in 2007. STNS’s mission is to represent and work with transgenders community, including their families, by providing support and education, and by advocating for equality, rights and access to services. STNS works to bring about positive social change and ensue that transgendered people are understood, accepted and respected and can participate fully in all aspects of Indian society.
With the help of DIVA fund we published the calender with the images and names of those who achieved as a transgender in a society . After publishing this calendar we issued this to government sectors, transgender community and to the general public.
Objectives :
1. To identify the needs of the poor and vulnerable transgender community and rectifying them.
2. To improve the physical & psychological well-being of the transgender community.
3. To address violence in the major areas including:
 Sexual rights Harassment
 violence in view of gender identity
 Denial of basic human rights including health care
 Denial of social justice
4. To prevent STI/HIV/AIDS among MSM/Transgender and their sexual partners.
5. To avail government social protection programmes.
6. To improve savings habits.
7. To develop resources for ensuring community led intervention and social mobilization to bring sustainable change and to improve the CBO system to sustain the CBO ownership for sustainability the project.