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This Mayuran committee works for the MSM in the 20 blocks of the Salem District. This committee members works for the MSM needs voluntarily and they will provide social protection, economic security and they will support them when they are facing violence.
STNS helped the transgender community in getting the medical certificate from the medical board.
Paralegal volunteers in 20 blocks helps to solve the problems facing by the LGBTQ community and the general public.
Donor meeting was held by Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam to reunite the donors to maintain a supportive relationship. Financial literacy and credit counselling center of Indian Bank held a meeting and created awareness among the transgender regarding finance and explained the procedure to get loans.
Medical camp was held by STNS in order for the wellbeing of the transgender community and this medical camp was mainly held for seeing Cardiac related issues and Dental related issues.
STNS organised a event in Vivekananda School, Salem and during this event the board members of STNS hoist the flag in the school and the board members of STNS created awareness among the school students and teachers about the transgender community.
Police advocacy meeting was held by the Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam and the chief guest of this meeting was Asst. Commissioner of police Mr. Vijay Karthick Raja. The main aim of conducting this meeting is to improve the quality of life among transgender.
World AIDS day was conducted by STNS to create knowledge and awareness about the mode of transmission of HIV/AIDS infection and we created awareness about the prevention of HIV/AIDS infection. Rally was conducted by the STNS.
There are champions for the 20 blocks in the Salem District and they are provided with training from STNS. The main duty of this champions is to provide social protection, financial security, economic security and to support the LGBTQ community when they are facing any forms of violence.
The President of STNS Ms. Pooja received community award from National Foundation Of India, New Delhi.