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Board Members

Our Board Members

No. Name Destination
1 P. Pooja President
2 K. Rathika Vice- President
3 A. Gopika, Secretary.
4 A. Saranya Joint Secretary
5 G. Rasika, Treasurer
6 V. priya Board Member
7 P. Sathya Board Member
8 M. Yasini Board Member
9 P. Shanmugam Board Member
10 J. Siva Suriyan Board Member
11 B. Babu Board Member

Letter From The President

Dear Friends,
It gives me pleasure to present the Annual Report – Re election on philanthropy for the period 2017-2018. Words cannot rightly express my true feelings of gratitude for all the kindness and benevolence you have bestowed on our institutions. Let me just attempt in put it in tow little words with all sincerity “Thank you”.
We began our journey since inception in 2007 and the journey continues till now. We thank our partners TAI-VHS, AVAHAN and PRAXIS for the support in prevention of HIV/AIDS among the underserved community.
We are so grateful for your generous support, because it makes the world a safer place. Your ongoing commitment to helping communities achieve their potential and beyond — means a more hopeful world for us all.
Thank you.
With warmest regards,
P. Pooja