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Annual Report 2012-2013

Salem Thirunangailgal Nala Sangam (STNS)
Salem District, Tamilnadu, India.

Our Mission: Ensuring quality life of TG/MSM by enhancing basic human rights, quality health care, reduced stigma and discrimination and access to all the services provided by the government.

Mission, Goals & Objectives

Ensuring quality life of TG/MSM by enhancing basic human rights, quality health care, reduced stigma and discrimination and access to all the services provided by the government.


STNS aims to provide support towards MSM and TG led organization on peer led community driven initiatives in advocating related policy environment at local or national level.


1. To identify the needs of the poor and vulnerable transgender community and rectifying them.
2. To improve the physical & psychological well-being of the transgender community.
3. To address violence in the major areas including: - Sexual rights Harassment - violence in view of gender identity - Denial of basic human rights including health care - Denial of social justice 4. To prevent STI/HIV/AIDS among MSM/Transgender and their sexual partners.
5. To avail government social protection programmes.
6. To improve savings habits.
7. To Develop resources for ensuring community led intervention and social mobilization to bring sustainable change and to improve the CBO system to sustain the CBO ownership for sustainability the project

Thank You

It is enriching to be part of an organization driven by passionate and dedicated individuals - Staff, Volunteers, Donors, Well-wishers and Board of M embers. It is through their passion and hard work that Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam ( STNS) has continued to make good progress towards achieving its mission " Ensuring quality life of TG/ M SM by enhancing basic human rights, quality health care, reduced stigma and discrimination and access to all the services provided by the government” an organization of excellence, which operates on its values and ethics and provides the best services to poor and downtrodden.
We thank Tamilnadu AIDS Initiative ( TAI) – Voluntary Health Services ( VHS) , Tamilnadu State AIDS Control Society ( TANSACS) , NGOs, Positive Networks and other Transgenders Networks. 2013 was an eventful year and our organization has strengthened its base as it advances closer towards realizing its ambitious vision. Yes, once again I am proud to present the annual report for the year 2012-2013 of our organisation.


1. Introduction…………….. ………………........………..…01
2. Salem district profile ..………….…….…………..…03
3. Advocacy meeting…………..………………….......….….04
4. Facts from the baseline survey………….………….05
5. Programmes/projects………………….………......……..08
A. Transgenders day………………………..........….…..06
B. Special population ………………….….......……...07
C. Social protection programmes…....………….….08
D. Education support……………………….........……...09
E. Insurance …………………………………….............…..09
6. Reels of memories……………………........….……………10
7. Visitors……………………………………...……..........………11
8. Board of Directors…………......…………………………..12
9. Press…………………………………………...........…..….…..13

Dear Friends,
It gives me pleasure to present the Annual Report – Reelection on philanthropy for the period 2012-2013. Words cannot rightly express my true feelings of gratitude for all the kindness and benevolence you have bestowed on our institutions. Let me just attempt in put it in tow little words with all sincerity ―Thank you‖.
We began our journey since inception in 2007 and the journey continues till now. We thank our partners TAI-VHS, AVAHAN, TANSACS and PRAXIS for the support in prevention of HIV/AIDS among the underserved community.
We are so grateful for your generous support, because it makes the world a safer place. Your ongoing commitment to helping communities achieve their potential and beyond — means a more hopeful world for us all.
Thank you.
With warmest regards,
Background & Introduction

Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS) is a community based organization formed in 2007 then re-registered as a society in 2012. The CBO had been carrying out the activities with the support from Tamil Nadu AIds Initiatives- Voluntary Health Services (TAIVHS), Chennai, Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society, Chennai, Individual donors and local support groups in Salem district.
Salem Aravanigal TAI Vizhudugal Trust (SATVT), is registered as CBO in the trust act on 2007 which works for the MSM (Men having sex with men) and TGs (Transgender). TAI project was started since April 2004 to implement the Target intervention for community members.
The CBO was formed informally in July 2006 and registered as a CBO in July 2007. The CBO was supported financially by TAI since its inception and implementing the TI project at 10 Blocks of Salem.
SATVT got transitioned and started implementing the TI project with the financial support from TNSACS. It also gets the financial support through TAI-VHS for Social Protection Program. The CBO has the members from 20 Blocks and the current membership strength is 2000. SATVT comprise of nine executive members which includes five office bearers and 4 board members.

In the present year the CBO has registered as a Society (Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam - STNS) with the participation of community members from the hot spot levels. The CBO has an office which has both the social protection program and TI project.
STNS working towards the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable population in the community and to provide quality services for their sexual health needs, lessen the overall incidents of STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections), HIV/AIDS through focused holistic interventions through enabling environment and empowering the community to seek safe sexual behavior.

STNS expanded its own services through targeted intervention program among MSMs and FSW with the funding support from TANSACS, Social Protection Programmes through TAI-VHS & Targeted Intervention programme from Pehchan since 2012

Salem District Profile

Total Blocks 20

Target People 2088

ICTC Centre 36

ART Centre 2





6 (Omalur, Mettur,

Edappadi, Sankari,

Vazhapadi, Yercaud)

Advocacy Meeting

In view of obtaining Government schemes of Transgender, the transgender community from the Salem city met Thiru. Soundappan, Mayor of Salem District and provided their gratitude for obtaining the government schemes. The community members were also discussed about the activities of STNS. The Mayor has also assured to look into the demands and will support for the vulnerable transgender community.

Baseline Study Information’s

STNS, as part of its Social protection initiative carried out a socio economic conditions and living conditions among the marginalized community in in Salem district covering all blocks to understand the socio economic & demographic characteristics, household living conditions, savings & credit management, CBO development, skills and capacities of CBOs, livestock ownership and savings & credit management. The study was conducted in coordination with its funding partner TAI-VHS. To ensure that the key indicators were studied the overall design, data collection, analysis, content of the study and summary reports were centrally managed by TAI. To ensure ownership and CBO appropriate use of the data, the content was handed over to the respective CBOs which help them to design better HIV intervention programme.


The overall objective of the baseline survey is to provide an insight into the demographic characteristics and needs of the target populations.
 To understand the socio economic & demographic characteristics and living conditions among the target communities.
 To study the infrastructure facility possessed by the respondents.
 To assess the health status and facilities available to streamlining the health care of community members.
 To trace out the status of community owned institutions and its impact on skill development and government programs.

Key Findings:

 1398 respondents were interviewed with the investigation schedule in 16 blocks of Salem district, of which 82.1 percent were identified themselves as Kothi, 9.9 percent as transgender, and 6.8 percent as double-decker. Majority of the respondents (43.8 percent) are interviewed from Salem block
 Overall 47 percent of MSM are between the age group of 25- 34 years and 24 percent are between the age group of 35-44 years. Less than 10 percent are between the age group of 18-24 years.
 Among MSM communities, 89.5 percent respondents are found to be literate and 7.6 percent are illiterate. About 37.1 percent have had a middle level education and those who had higher secondary level education account only for 16.8 percent of the total respondents.
 Marital status differs greatly among MSM communities. Among Kothis, an equal number of portion found be married (44.2) and unmarried (44.6 percent). Among transgenders, a higher proportion of respondents (45.3 percent) are found to be unmarried than married (10.8 percent).
 When the respondents were asked about their attitude towards community forum/TAI Vizhudugal activities, nearly more than half of the respondents (55.1 percent) stated that the services of TAI activities are good. 30 percent was reported that services are fair.
 It is noted that comparatively higher number of respondents (52 percent) needs support/services from TAI. While majority of the respondents (48 percent) have declined to reveal their service expectation, comparatively an equal no. of respondents have sought for alternative employment/loan for small business (23 percent) and education support for children (24 percent). Support in availing government welfare facilities had approached to 15 percent of the respondents.
 A large proportion of respondents (54 percent) are not living in their own house. 27 percent of the respondent lives in their own house.
 Majority (26.8 percent) of the respondents from Salem block and Athur (9.1 percent) have reported ―yes‖. The other blocks such as Ayothipattinam, Athur, Edapadi, Gangavalli, Kadayampatti, Mugudanchavadi, Macherietc have reported to be very less number of respondents.
 65 percent of the respondents have voter ID and 66 percent have ration card. About 19 percent have availed Government insurance scheme, 16 percent have birth certificate & 18 percent have community certificate. Very tiny number of respondents (6 percent) has TG membership card and house land (3 percent).

Programmes organised during the reporting year

1. Transgenders Day:
In order to mark the visibility of Transgenders Day, STNS celebrated the World TG Day. The goal of the day is to celebrated life and trangenders accomplishment while raising awareness of the discrimination that faces by trans people on a daily basis. STNS organized various cultural competitions at Koovagam festival.

2. Positive Prevention for Special Population (TGs infected BY HIV) - For psychological & social well-being:
A key component of the National AIDS Control Programme is the prevention of new HIV infections by achieving an 80% coverage of key affected groups with TS. In order to tackle the HIV epidemic among TGs in salem district the following intervention was carried out during the reporting year.
a. Identifying the TGs infected by HIV and registering in the project.
b. Promoting the use of health care – ART services.
c. Providing information about condom usage, distribute condoms, promote behaviour change and refer the infected to ART centres.
d. Referral services to regular medical check-ups, peer-referral.
e. Counselling services.
f. Developing saving habits
3. Social Protection Schemes:
Over the past decade, there has been growing recognition of the importance of social protection to respond to a range of challenges faced by developing countries, including food insecurity, chronic poverty and the HIV pandemic.
Towards mitigating the impact of transgender life and eradicating poverty, STNS facilitated access to and uptake of social protection schemes for the members of TG community. During this year STNS has facilitated to access to social protection schemes.

 450 transgender have obtained ration cared and voter id.
 75 TGs have availed old age pension scheme.
 Among 50 special population identified, 35 were successfully registered for ART treatment at Govt. clinics.
 Created corpus fund for development of STNS.
 Membership subscription fees have been obtained from 245 (@ Rs. 10 from each TG) registered TGs.

4. Education support at free of cost:

 STNS also supports for transgender’s children education who are vulnerable, poor and downtrodden.
 STNS distributed children education materials including books, pen, bags, pencil, uniform and donation for education support for their children of target communities.
 Special prizes were distributed for children who secured first class in SSLC exam.

5. Insurance scheme:

In addition to government schemes, STNS facilitated its TG members to avail Janashree Beena Yogha Insurance, which save future life for its member’s social protection. A total of 100 TG were integrated into insurance scheme.
Key benefits through insurance:
- Rs. 100/- has to be paid yearly.
- Rs. 30,000/- will be claimed if members lose one hand/leg.
- Rs. 60,000/- will be claimed if members lose both of their hands or legs.
- Rs. 80,000/- for natural death.

Reels of Memories





Mr. Ganesh,Country Director

Mr. Narendran,

Project Officer

Ms. Mathangi,

Project Officer

Dr. Vijayaraman

Deputy Director

Dr. Radha

Deputy Director

Mr. K. Jayaganesh,

Zonal Manager

Mrs. Sathya

Project Officer

Mr. Daniel,

Project Officer

Mr. Stanley,

Senior Consultant

Mr. Jayaseelan,


Mr. Pradeep,


Board of Directors

This CBO is managed by TG/MSM community members and the board consists of 9 members elected by the community members.

Our Project Office

Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS)

No. 4/66, AS2A, Arthi Nagar,

2nd st, Narasodhipatti,

Salem – 636004. India

Phone: +91-427-2331310